Wrong date for ride today

(Ken Ridout) #1

(Ken Ridout) #2

Rode Wachovia today, February 18th…  Uploaded to Strava when finished.  Strava shows that the date was on the 11th instead of today’s date, the 18th. 

Zwift or Strava issue?  I can’t seem to be able to change the date of the ride in Strava. 


My Zwift activity log says that the ride today took 18 hours and was done on February 15th at 1030 PM.  All of that data is erroneous.  


(Steve Ellis) #3

Ken: verify your “Location” setting in Strava at https://www.strava.com/settings/profile . 

It’s a long shot that a wrong or missing setting there would cause the problem you’ve seen, but it’s worth a look.

Your location should be set to your home city or at least to a city in your time zone.

(Ken Ridout) #4

Well, hmmmm. 

I went to my profile settings and the only “location” options I see is for the country.  United States is what I entered when I joined  I didn’t see any place to put a time zone. 

Edit:  Alrighty.  I found another place for my location.  What is entered is my city and state (Texas).  But under  that, in gray type,“Los Angeles” is showing.  But maybe it really doesn’t matter.  My activity today missed  the actual date and time by 3 days and 6 hours.

And it’s really weird that today’s activity (21 miles )  is listed to have taken more than 18 hours   on February 15th.  Today’s the 18th and the activity took right at one hour.  

Editing of that information isn’t allowed,  either in Zwift or in Strava.  

(Steve Ellis) #5

If you live in Texas and the time zone location in your https://www.strava.com/settings/profile page is Los Angeles then you might want to correct your location in Strava, since there’s no city in Texas that is in the same time zone as Los Angeles.

I doubt that is the cause of the other confusion, but getting that corrected would be a step forward.

(Ken Ridout) #6

Totally agree, Steve.  But the “Los Angeles United States” isn’t editable and I haven’t found any place else in my profile that contains that data.

Only the Garland, TX United States is editable.