Wrong Colors

Since the last three updates when I use full screen I get very wrong colors

First: can you see these? If yes, your screen might be weird. If no, it might not be your screen. download1
Second: have you checked to make sure that it isn’t your hardware? Do any other applications do this in full screen mode?
Third: restart you computer and try again
Forth: Uninstall and reinstall. Try again
Fifth: light your computer on fire, claim it on the insurance, don’t get caught for the insurance fraud, buy new hardware, install Zwift and enjoy. If the colors are still off, please see a Dr.

7?, no idea, 16
8, no idea, no idea

Do I win?

No idea. I can see 16, 8, I think bottom center is 17, bottom right is maybe 9?

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I have no difficulties to read the numbers, 7, 13, 16, 8, 12 and 9. But never mind the colors seems correct after the last update.

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