Wrong cadence reading in workout

(Russell Ashford (V-Sprint)) #41

Paul, I think this is a closed thread. You’d need to open a new ticket to get the support team looking at this. I still get some odd cadence readings but only during at workout when the incline increases but outputting low power.

(Steven ) #42

I still have an open support issue with Zwift on this (ticket request #74229), and I regularly update it to point them towards this thread, so they should know that people are still having issues.

If you raise a ticket, refer them to my ticket raised on 22 August 2017.

(Craig Taylor (TIGR)) #43

Hi all. I searched this problem last week as I had some issues and my numbers just were way down.
Whenever my cadence increased above 80 or so, the reading on screen dropped to 0, my avatar stopped pedalling, and my speed dropped, sometimes as low as 3 mph on a steep section.
This was particularly annoying on long climbs like up the big mountain in Watopia, or just coming out the tube station in London. My watts were inaccurately low, I was spinning harder than ever, and the dummy on the screen was getting nowhere.

Anyway, I put it down to a poor cadence sensor reading. I cleaned the old rubber fragments out my trainer - Tacx Vortex - new tyre on, new battery in the sensor, check and update Tacx firmware on the app, and logged into Zwift for a quick test.
The difference was immediately noticeable… Even without my cycling shoes on, I knocked a fair bit of time off my 30 day PR on my first climb from the red bridge in Watopia.
The battery in my sensor was a new Duracell just 6 weeks ago, so it shouldn’t be dead so soon, but it was after 700 miles or so. Thinking about it now, it’s because I wasn’t unplugging the trainer, so the green light was constantly blinking, keeping the cadence sensor awake 24/7 and draining the battery.

All my numbers are back up for now, and my avatars pedalling is consistent with mine. I’ll update if any changes.
Hope this helps some of you out.

(Matt Pierson) #44

Did anyone get any resolution on this? I am running ATV, Wahoo Kickr and Cadence paired via Viiiva HRM. In workout, using erg mode, the cadence does not display actual values - when going uphill it slows to as low as 25 on screen, while my actual pedalstroke hasn’t changed… and vice versa downhill.

(Chris Axon (Penge CC)) #45

Same problem. Dumb trainer (Cyclops Fluid 2) plus Garmin sensors, my cadence is way off (higher) when I increase power during a TrainingPeaks training session. During the recovery blocks both readings are similar.  Any idea why this is happening or when it will be resolved? 

(Lance Donny) #46

I’m having a slightly different issue. I’m using a Cateye BT speed/cadence sensor and for a long time it read dead on in Zwift; paired to my Macbook Air. Recently now it reads correct for a few minutes and then starts dramatically alternating between low to correct to extremely high (like 180 rpms!) values; really jumping all over the place while I peddle away at the same cadence. The sensor works perfectly fine paired to my Cateye head unit or with Strava so I’m ruling out the sensor. I also have new batteries in the sensor. The sensor is about a 4-5 feet to my laptop.

(J D Ramsey) #47

Same issue.  Cadence is radically wrong.  Usually about 50 rpm lower than my Garmin 800 unit shows - and which I know is approximately correct based on experience - but about 15% of the time it shows in Zwift radically high.  Totally inconsistent.  I’m running Swift on my Mac Pro laptop and have a USB cable with the Ant+ device within close proximity to the sensor (using the Garmin cadence sensor).  Further, and I don’t know if this is connected to the problem with the cadence reading, but my speed is also shown as ridiculously low for the wattage versus cadence I’m using.  Makes the entire Zwift experience suspect. 

(Mimi Bick) #48

Getting so fed up…ready to quit. Power doesn’t go above 90 nowadays, cadence wacky beyond belief. Just one problem after another.

(Tony Truong) #49

Joiin the club in frustration. I finally canceled my subscription. The app was crashing on my iPhone daily and/or freeze up. Will not pay for beta testing. Support very bad. Went back to trainerroad.