Wrong cadence reading in workout

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #21


How far away is the USB dongle from your cadence sensor? If you are not using a USB extension I would suggest doing so to get the dongle right under your bottom bracket. 

The cadence sensor dropping out should have no effect on the watts unless the Elite is also losing connection.

(Steven ) #22

This happened to me again for the first time in a long time. It only ever happens in workouts and never in free rides.

It has nothing to do with the distance of the ANT dongle to the sensor, as mine is no more than 20cm away. In the image below, you can see the difference between Zwift and my Garmin, and in this case, my Garmin is about 5 times further from my cadence sensor than my ANT dongle.

I raised a support query with Zwift support when I first logged this community post, so if anybody else reports this, refer them to  Request #74229

(Brad Allen) #23

I am also having an issue with my cadence. I am using a Stages PM connected via ant+. The dongle is taped under my bottom bracket so it is not a signal issue. My cadence seems to be tied to my speed. I export the data to garmin connect and if I overlay the speed over the cadence, the 2 are offset but follow each other exactly. Is there any fix for this?

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #24

Do you have the Stages connected to Zwift as a power meter and cadence? I use a 4iiii (very similar to your Stages) and I connect it as a power meter and cadence and have no issues.

(Brad Allen) #25

No just connected as a PM. I will try connecting as a cadence sensor as well. Thanks for the tip.

(Patrick "Clydesdale" Wayne-ZBR) #26

First Zwift ride tonight with Road Machine Smart Control. In a workout (not free ride) my cadence was vastly incorrect. I knew I was going at at least 80 rpm, but zwift was showing in the 30’s.

(Larry Blanchard) #27

Continuing to see issue.  During group ride last week Zwift reflected 51 rpm while my Garmin showed 86 rpm.  I’ve been riding long enough to know the latter was correct.  Garmin was positioned further from cadence sensor than iPad dongle, so signal strength is not the issue.  Other measurables default to “- -“ indicating no signal if there is a problem with the connection.  I think I’d rather see this than a false reading.

(Chris Coyle) #28

This is happening to me too.  I’m using Wahoo cadence sensor paired via Bluetooth.  Looks like Zwift is interpreting my cadence as it seems to drop going uphill, even though my pedaling is steady.  I’m using a Wahoo HRM paired via Bluetooth and everything seems ok.

(Chris Coyle) #29

This is happening to me too.  I’m using Wahoo cadence sensor paired via Bluetooth.  Looks like Zwift is interpreting my cadence as it seems to drop going uphill, even though my pedaling is steady.  I’m using a Wahoo HRM paired via Bluetooth and everything seems ok.

(Chris Coyle) #30

I believe it’s just the cadence that’s showing on the screen in Zwift that’s in error.  The data in the download file appears to have a higher cadence than what was showing on the screen.

(Kim Wilkey SLTC 🐝 🏊‍♂️🚴🏼‍♂️🏃🏻‍♂️) #31

You can add me to the latest list of people not happy with the “made up” cadence during workouts. Ditto everything above. Cadence looks accurate until I hit an incline and then plummets from a 90s to as low as the 20s. Doesn’t help One calibrate their cadence dependent workouts or monitor effort and progress. Great time to ask me for more money! Not! I hope they can fix it soon. May have to just go back to TrainerRoad for consistently tracked and reported workouts.

(Nick Weiss) #32

I am also experiencing this problem in workout mode. Seems to occur most obviously when hitting a hill and then the reading drops very significantly.

(Scott Anderson) #33

Like the others, I am having cadence problems. I am using the Kinetic Road Machine Smart Control. I also have a non-smart cadence sensor on my bike. The cadence reporting in Zwift appears to increase/decrease based on terrain rather than my actual performance. This is most notable during wattage/cadence target workouts. Almost impossible to hold the target cadence as I will be anywhere from +/- 20 rpm actual to reported.

(Rob Harrison) #34

I have just started using Apple TV along with a Wahoo Kickr, Wahoo HRM and Wahoo cadence sensors. We have two bikes and have two cadence sensors, one for each. We both experience low cadence readings and we’ve tried pairing with Apple TV and also pairing via Mobile Link and the problem continues through both set ups. All worked fine when we used iPads for Zwift so I was thinking it was somehow related to Apple TV. Anyone aware of a way of debugging this or is it purely in the hands of the Zwift team to investigate? Happy to log a ticket etc. If necessary.

(Terry Kinnaman) #35

I am also experiencing the exact same problem.I have the wahoo kickr, wahoo cadence all using the Zwift remote app on my iPhone. All of the connections are BT.

(Matt Day) #36

I’m experiencing the same issue, 85-90 on flats and as soon as I hit incline starts dropping way down. Went in hilly course and only got in 6 miles for 40 min. If incline would flatten out would shoot back up but then decline again as I started to climb.

(Wilfred Ferwerda) #37

I’m having a similar problem in Workout mode using a Tacx Vortex. Last night, for the last half of my work out, my avatar wasn’t pedalling and the cadence was showing “0.” I’m using a USB extension cable placing the ANT+ under the BB.

Does anyone have a fix for this?

(David Williams) #38

I’m having same issue on segments when it calls for a specific cadence and watts, e.g., 245 Watts at 85 rpm; the RPM jumps around.  But in same workout when it calls for easier wattage, e.g., 130 watts and no specified RPMs, the RPMs are consistent.  I’m using Wahoo cadence sensor with classic trainer that is on Zwift’s list. 

(Les Roach) #39

This seems to be a pervasive issue. I’m seeing the same issue as reported above by others where cadence values drop considerably when riding on an incline. I’m using wahoo kickr and wahoo cadence sensor connected by BT. Is zwift team looking into this? Do they care?

(Paul Bayfield) #40

Same here. Cadence drops to 30 or so on an incline, despite maintaining 80-90 in reality. Tacx Vortex. Are Zwift responding to this at all?