Wow, this is pretty great, some first impressions...

First of all, I hate riding my bike on training rides and I’ve ridden 3 times already this week, so that right there just shows you’re going in the right direction. I’m really enjoying the rides. I just have some first impressions that I hope might help you.

  1. The butterflies that are black look like they are missing their texture map since all of the rest of the game is so colorful. There are a ton of butterflies and the loop always looks the same as well, so maybe change it up a bit.

  2. To me it feels pretty underwhelming to win the jerseys. I can usually win all 3 if I push it and other than riding around with a different jersey, it doesn’t seem especially special. For me it’s a good way to push myself to go after them. Maybe you get extra points for every lap you keep the jersey?

  3. As a heavy ice hockey player, I sure seem to have an advantage over people in the game. I’m 6’2 and 210 pounds and I seem to pass nearly everyone, but I’m not that great of a rider. Not sure if it’s just because I’m on a trainer and not a street or what, but I feel like I’m Gretzky in the game and I probably shouldn’t.

  4. I am never able to draft anyone. Ever. I close the gap and then I either go past them or they go ahead of me and pull the gap larger. I’m not sure if I’m getting something wrong or missing something, but it seems like it’s impossible and I’ve tried for a few hours. It’s like when I get close enough I start drafting and pull ahead of the person I’m trying to draft off of. Maybe you could make the gap bigger, I don’t know, but this is the single most frustrating thing for me in the game thus far.

  5. Using a laptop with the screen in front of me, I have no way to type or use power ups, which is fine, but the other day someone was talking to me over and over and probably thinks I was being rude, but I just couldn’t type. Maybe there could be a setting that says you don’t have access to the keyboard while playing that auto-responds to people that you can’t type.

  6. On the UI front, I find the list of riders on the right unnecessary and it just fills up the screen. I’d love a way to turn that off.

  7. On the UI front, I find the orange dots on the map in the top right just becomes a cluster of orange and isn’t really useful. I’d rather just see the map and where the jersey segments are. I can see the players in the game, don’t really need the dots on the map.

  8. In the top center UI I didn’t know what the number in the gray bubble meant until I got to level 3. This could be more clear for users.

  9. In the top center UI I didn’t know what the gift box meant. It’s not very clear for a new user.

  10. In the left UI if the user doesn’t have a heart rate monitor, it would clean up the display to just hide the BMP info rather than gray it out.

  11. For me, there are a lot of bleeps and bloops when things happen. It would be nice to have some voice over indications. Maybe a voice over that announced every 5 miles you went or cheering and an announcer when you win a jersey. I can imagine you’re avoiding this due to languages, which I totally understand, but it would make it more exciting. Many times for me I hear a beep or a bloop and I don’t know what it’s indicating happened.

  12. This is an Apple TV bug, but you could put it in your FAQ. If you launch Zwift and then start Apple TV mirroring, the sound won’t work. You have to mirror to Apple TV and then launch Zwift and then the sound will work on your TV.

  13. It would be nice if you could enable full screen on the Mac. It should help with the Apple TV lag by not running the game in a window.

  14. If you detect the user is dropping and reconnecting signal over and over (IE: going 20mph - 0mph - 20mph - 0mph - 30mph) like I was, it would be nice to popup a message suggesting to move your ANT+ closer to your bike sensor. It will save a lot of searching for answers for users.

  15. I saw a group try to organize a race the other day, but it seemed really complicated to get going. I’m sure you’re going to add that in, but it just seemed that was something a lot of people were interested in.

These are just some things that occurred to me in my first week. Hope some of this helps! The game is awesome and a game changer for me. I’m actually excited to train again, which is amazing because I’m extremely lazy. :wink:

Ride on!