Would love to see integration with other electronic brake units. Elite Real Turbo Muin or Tacx Bushido.

(Peter deMos) #1

(Steve Voller) #2

I have a feeling the Elite IQubo Turbo has a non standard Ant+ implementation, I know if I try and pair it with anything it just shows junk

(A K) #3

Hi! Today I recognized there was the possibility to connect other trainers. As I am riding on a Tacx Bushido (which was not in the list) I would like to know if it is planned (and when) to integrate this trainer.

(Trent Haas) #4

Would love support for Tacx Bushido but I’ve heard others say that won’t be possible because Tacx doesn’t play well with others.

(Tim Corso) #5

I think Tacx have a private version of ANT+ protocol, so you need to lobby them to come out into the open world. I think the same goes for Bkool and others

(Neil Riding) #6

I also have a Tacx Bushido (T1980), and would love to see support for it. I understand the ANT+ protocol is not standard, these guys have reverse engineered it. http://www.fluxoid.org/reverse-engineering-the-tacx-bushido/