Would love to have a F lvl

Hey Guys and Girls,

So i started Zwift 4 weeks ago just to get me back into shape again, i used to be a overall athlete back in the days ( i am 36 years 178 cm and 118 KG ) and i had enough off the overweight i have.

The first 3 weeks I had to work really hard on my condition because it was in a laughable state ( i also quit smoking after 5 years of non stop smoking ) I started with 0.4 to 0.7 w/kg for about 30 min max until i gassed out, now after 4 weeks of good training, change of food mentality and being consistent with the different workouts and training’s Zwift provides u i can hold 1.0 to 1.4 for about 50 min.

Until now i have only done workouts and free solo rides, mainly because I had no condition and am still improving in condition.
I once participated in a training ride with many other riders in the D category (who should ride between 1.0 and 2.0 w / kg) but 90% of that group constantly rode between 1.8 and 2.2 w / kg

the same applies to the only race I participated in, which would also be categorized as D category but the top 10 of that race was already peddling 3.2 w / kg. I finished desolate last with an average of 1.2 w / kg and the person in front of me rode an average of 1.6 w / kg.

I know, most of u would say “hey buddy try to train harder cause u are in no shape for competition” and you are probably quite right. But my competitive mind that I got from my time as an athlete tells me i want to race and compare myself to others, I’m sure there are several racers like me and I think that therefore an F category has to be created. I don’t just want to train I also want to race and push and compare myself to equals.

Let me know if I am totally wrong and so I should not whine and just have patience until I have lost 20 kg and a better condition so I can pedal better watts.

Cheers and thanks for you’re comments


Welcome to Zwift. As far as improving fitness/conditioning I’d suggest looking for some group rides that are on the lower end to build up your endurance. The Herd runs a lot of group rides in the 1-1.3 w/kg range throughout the week, and I am sure some other teams have similar paced group rides. You can find upcoming group rides at https://zwifthacks.com/app/events/ (search “Rides” and you can even click a specific team). For instance The Herd Thundering Turtles (Saturdays 9:30AM Eastern Time) runs at 1-1.3 w/kg and the leader is always spot on with that pace.

ZER also seems to have a lot of lower category group rides.


Hi David, Welcome to Zwift

I’m also overweighted (almost 51, 181cm, 103kg), but I’m already are a roadcyclist for about 15 years. I started with Zwift 2 months ago due to corona and I’m hooked. I first started with the 6 week FTP builder workout plan. After I finished the program I started to participate in grouprides, not particularly races.

If you want a to do a group ride with really mellow pacing you could try one of the group rides from ‘The HERD’. They are really social and they try to keep the group together so anybody feels comfortable. I like their rides because of the social talk through the Discord app. I usually ride up front because my pacing is higher, but that’s not much of a problem.

Here are their rides with date/ time:

And remember the most important thing is that you have fun cycling. If you have fun the rest will follow.

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Thanks a lot for this info! I will certainly look into this possibility

Thnk you Alex! good info and good help overall with the links!! thnks a lot

Thanks @DKE_Watson.

This first group I thought off was the HERD. The HERD used to have a beginners race every Saturday but I could not find it.


@Gerrie_Delport the HBR (Herd Beginner Race) Series is finished. They are running the HSRL currently, Herd Summer Racing League. I believe there are categories for all abilities in the HSRL.