World Zwift Day? Late notice

Just an observation, you sent an email out date/timestamped 3:21pm 3rd June to tell me that its World Zwift Day and I should (in my csae) ride - thanks, but

  • you send the email out when the day is over half done, and really, a bit more notice would have been good,
  • you have no rides scheduled today or even tomorrow if I follow your link (see pic)
  • not even the runs appear in the CA

I suspect someone in ZHQ only realised it was world bicycle day just before they sent the email. A quick google shows that June 3 is world bicycle day each year according to the UN, whereas the running day thing seems to be not so official and is on the first Wednesday in June.

I can see the run group workouts on the companion app, check your filters.

It’s hard living this far away from our rulers in the US. (hello from over the ditch)

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No filters on

Edit: yes I had filters on :rofl: :sleeping: Running events do indeed show

Actually I think I am slightly out of line - I just re-read the the email and it says we join the SAS and Zwift HQ ride which are clearly in the snip I included.

So 2 out of 3 I was wrong… locked up too long drinking it seems.

Time to close/delete this one (still, tell me a day b4 please Zwift!)

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