World Switching Please

(William Coggins) #61

Please, we need it. It’s completely absurd that the type of rides we can do is dictated by an arbitrary schedule. If I want to do a 20 minute climb I should be able to do that, rather than being stuck on London or New York with shorter climbs.

We are paying real money to be able to train and ride, and should be able to do the type of efforts we want

(Timothy Mackeen) #62

I would really like to have the option of choosing the world i ride in, I have severe arthitis in both my knees, and the inclines that are on ALL of NYC’s routes are murder on my knees. Zwift is the only cardio that i can do to keep excercising in my house due to my knees.
I would love to see the options of

  • choosing the world we want to ride in,
  • Let us create our own routes within the world.
  • let us have a handi-cap that limits the amount of inclines that we can do.

this is a great application and i do love it, however there are some much needed modifications to this that i would love to see!

(Vincent W.) #63

Hey all, our very own Jon Mayfield has shared his thoughts on map choice here: Where is Map Choice? by Jon Mayfield

Would love for you all to take a look and discuss!

(Leon Evans[Cardiff Ajax]) #64

My thoughts:

  1. Do away with ‘different’ worlds altogether.
    Make Innsbruck, London, New York & Richmond boroughs/towns(or even separate islands) in Watopia (similar to now how the jungle/alpe route is off on its own via a winding long road, hidden by the landscape.

this way you have one unified world to ride in (like an MMO!!) and no requirement at all for any sort of calendar or world switching.

when you build a new course (even ones based on real locations) they just become a new island or new area of Watopia.
(I really cant believe you aren’t going down this route already??!!)

  1. for the love of god code in MMO chat functionality.
    I am fed up to the back teeth having to see group leaders chat and group chat spammed globally.
    I also don’t want to see mindless chat from complete strangers spamming the right hand side of my screen.
    Allow us to filter chat by free riders, workout riders, event riders, group riders, friends.
    Allow me also to block/mute people.
    CHOICE PLEASE to hide annoying chat and to join/leave chat channels (Global, Event, Group, Friends, workout, free ride)
  2. Allow us to hide groups of riders
    If I’m free riding, I only want to see other free riders.
    I am not interested in seeing workout riders (as they are doing their own thing and you cant really ride with them)
    I definitely do not want to see enormous group/event/race peletons destroying my frame-rate!
    CHOICE PLEASE to hide rider avatars by rider types
  3. If I want to ride solo/alone, that’s my choice, allow for it.
    I like riding alone in real life (I’m a TT’er, its what I do week in week out)
    Solo play and solo players are a very real and valid form of any game/hobby.

Superb talk on this very subject:

“In this classic GDC 2011 talk, BioWare Austin’s Damion Schubert discusses the rationale for solo playstyles in MMORPGs, the need to cater to this playstyle from a business point of view, and the design intricacies of providing solo play without invalidating the ‘massive’ parts of your game design.”

(Godmother Fox) #65

Definitely some interesting thoughts above :+1:

I have no problem with “changing worlds”, but I’d welcome “chat block” and especially “rider types filter” as described above … while trying to deal with steep climb during my free ride, those “workout riders” confuse me all time. Correct me if I’m wrong, but as they are (mostly) in ERG mode, they are limited by their workout and its watts only, not by current gradient of the climb which creates one big mess …

(Ben Kleinman) #66

Zwift team – please count me in as another vote for world switching. Thanks!

(Hingle Mc Cringleberry) #67

We absolutely need world switching. I am considering cancelling my subscription if I get stuck in NY anymore

(Trey Jordan) #68

Watopia is NEVER empty.

(Oliver Bird) #69

there is some news on this, here:

probably not what most here were after. I assume people know you can hack the world using the Preferences file. Again a far from ideal solution I know.

(Greg Hum) #72

I signed up for this forum to add my vote to this.

First-time user here and it was the first thing I tried to do. I was super excited at the prospect of being able to switch maps, routes, and worlds

(Pitch Blank) #73

I wonder how it will look on strava. guess you will have many lines on the screen if you switch all the worlds in one session. maybe world switching is only once possible? so no switchting back if you already switched worlds.
why not simply “End ride an go back to start menu” … only compromises.

(Rob Bonner) #74

I agree with chat box and world switching.

(Asbjorn Ravn Rasmussen) #75

Yeah this is a must-have, and it should have just been from the beginning. There are SO many people, we can easyly spread them over the world. Personally I have no feel for racing the Richmond world, as I wan’t longer hills primarily, and should i do flats, the NYC world is WAY cooler (of course it is, it’s newer, and you had more experience when making it).

Cheers and happy new year

EDIT: I’ve just read this thread and what you tell here about Watopia being main hub, smaller guest maps, racing on all maps, and it sounds just amazing, and a VERY good compromise on the topic. So very good work :+1:

(Charlie Choiniere) #76

Yes! For the love of god, please just let me pick which course I want to ride from all that are available. I’d use Zwift a lot more if I could pick where I wanted to ride. I like climbing and there aren’t always good climbing routes in every world. There’s elevation, but over too much distance a lot of times.

(Jens Hansen) #77

Happy new year to all.
I developed a simple pre-launcher for zwift. There you can select first in wich world you want to ride. It works only for winfows 7 and windows 10.
It’s not the final result for switching the world during a ride but in the moment a good way to decide to ride in a world wich many traffic or less people.

I think there will be no problem for zwift to integrate such a world launcher in the main application.

(Artur Kubinski) #78

airport is fun for children. Why work so much for changing the map.

Do not hack aplle tv, iphon, ipad, android phone

( Westy SIGMA) #79

I’ve read the blog, but we’re STILL waiting. I have been a user for a couple of years and really like training on Zwift. But I’ve cancelled my subscription, and its staying that way until I can ride without being swamped by large groups, or having to ride through them mostly, or riding in a never ending, unrealistic and extremely annoying rider density. I’ve used the hacks on PC and Mac, and its a workaround, yes - but I prefer to use my 12.9” iPad and can’t hack it (not easily anyway). And I don’t give a monkeys about flying between locations, I’d far, far, far rather just select a world from those available at startup with a simple menu choice like selecting a route. As I said, at present I’m a non-subscriber again, and it looks like it’ll stay that way from what I’ve read. VERY disappointed, but its back to virtual riding on real-life videos for me.

(Russell Kelly) #80

Just look at the Zwift calendar, see the date of the world you want to ride, go to your PC/Mac settings and change the date and time to the date that matches the world you want to ride and then open Zwift. This is simple with not much risk of anything going wrong!

( Westy SIGMA) #81

Yes, thanks Russell, I’ve tried that too and it does work even for iOS. I’ll maybe use that as a workaround for the moment, even though it’s a pain going to and fro with my settings date. It illustrates again just how easily Zwift could sort this for us - but they clearly don’t want to, and that puts me off resubscribing in itself. Thanks though.

( Westy SIGMA) #82

It also puts the wrong start date in the fit file export, so that’ll require correction with FitFileTools or similar. I doubt I’ll bother, to be honest. Zwift just need to get this organised properly and quickly if they want to keep users like me - maybe they don’t care, that’s how it seems.