World Switching Please

(William Coggins) #61

Please, we need it. It’s completely absurd that the type of rides we can do is dictated by an arbitrary schedule. If I want to do a 20 minute climb I should be able to do that, rather than being stuck on London or New York with shorter climbs.

We are paying real money to be able to train and ride, and should be able to do the type of efforts we want

(Timothy Mackeen) #62

I would really like to have the option of choosing the world i ride in, I have severe arthitis in both my knees, and the inclines that are on ALL of NYC’s routes are murder on my knees. Zwift is the only cardio that i can do to keep excercising in my house due to my knees.
I would love to see the options of

  • choosing the world we want to ride in,
  • Let us create our own routes within the world.
  • let us have a handi-cap that limits the amount of inclines that we can do.

this is a great application and i do love it, however there are some much needed modifications to this that i would love to see!

(Vincent W.) #63

Hey all, our very own Jon Mayfield has shared his thoughts on map choice here: Where is Map Choice? by Jon Mayfield

Would love for you all to take a look and discuss!