World not starting

Just decide to dedicate a laptop for zwifting… updated it to Windows 10 and installed Zwift. I get to the point I can pick which world to ride in, but when I pick “Ride” a couple seconds go by and then I get a white zwift window. I can hear the theme playing but no visuals at all.

I’ve un-installed/re-installed, deleted the zwift folder in the documents folder, rebooted, updated all my drivers, etc. but still no luck.

Any ideas? Here’s what I’m running:
Dell Precision M6500
Intel® Core™ i7 CPU X 920 @ 2.00GHz 2.00 GHz
400GB Drive available
ATI FirePro M7740
Passed OpenGL 3.3 tests
1GB Video RAM
DirectX 9, 10.1