#WorkoutWednesday New Running Route

(Calum Neff) #1

Hey Everyone,

Excited to be leading the first Workout Wednesday on the new running routes this evening (7PM CST). Part of me will miss racing all those cyclists up the hills but looking forward to the new and upcoming running specific features. Still waiting on them short shorts though! Consider joining tonight, all paces welcome!

A lot of questions on how to run on Zwift, the setup can be very simple with just a footpod (I recommend the Polar pod or Stryd). I usually run the game off my iPad which connects directly to the pod no problem in addition to my Polar heart rate strap, that’s it! Works from any treadmill any where you have internet/data connection. If you like to use a computer you can get most your devices to connect by using your phone with the Zwift Companion App, that will aggregate all your sensor data and sync to the game you’re running on Windows/Mac.

See you in the game!

Cal Neff