Workouts not syncing to AppleTV

Posting this in case it is of use to any other users…

I was able to successfully create custom workouts via the native Zwift workout builder on my MacBook, but after a while, some of them refused to sync to my AppleTV, so weren’t available to me on that platform. After a lot of investigation, it seems that Zwift was adding some ‘special’ characters into the filename, which seems to have prevented the synchronisation. In my case it was the section symbol (ASCII 245)

If you have this problem (or maybe it was just me!) then I suggest you navigate to Zwift\Workouts<userid> on your PC or Mac and:
a) update (simplify) the file names for the files that aren’t synchronising over cloud
b) update the contents of workout.files to use the newly simplified file names.

Once I had done this it all worked for me… all the workouts appeared in AppleTV fine. I never established why the Zwift workout editor was adding this character into the filename… perhaps a bug?

If custom zwo files (created outside of Zwift) arent syncing to Apple TV, I create a custom workout within Zwift.
Exit Zwift, and start Zwift on ATV. Custom workouts now sync.