Workouts - do them every day?

This is the first time I’m doing a workout series (“6wk Beginner FTP Builder”). I’ve been on Zwift (and cycline in general) since May but was only casually free-riding. Never realized how fast I’m supposed to spin the pedals until doing workouts!! :slight_smile:

Are the workouts meant to be done daily when there is no rest day in-between, like in this screenshot for this week’s schedule - it shows a rest day at the end. Does that mean I should TRY to do these workouts every day with no rest? I typically aim for one day off (sometimes two days off), and one day on, to give my legs a break. Should I be trying for every day except when it says it’s a rest day?


This is completely up to you and your fitness level. If you need a rest day after each workout, take a rest day. If you can do 3 days on and then rest for one or two days before finishing up the weeks workouts, then do that. As your fitness builds you should be able to do multiple days in a row without needing a rest day, but that is completely up to you and your Primary Care Physician.

*this is not medical advice, I am not a doctor or a coach.


I agree with Mike.

There is no magic formula. Listen to you body when you need to rest.


mine tells me to rest all the time… it is very lazy :rofl:


Yeah, what Mike said.