Workouts: add internal delay between consecutive TAB clicks

When Tabbing quickly to skip workout blocks there is a good probability for the generated fit file to be corrupted.

It is easily avoided if the user have a small pause between clicking TAB.

The request is to include a small internal delay between consecutive TAB clicks (workout out block skips)

how about holding down the skip button like the u-turn in the companion app? would have the benefit of stopping accidental segment skipping too

This seems more like a bug report than a feature request. The FIT file shouldn’t be corrupted based on any user action.

That’s why Zwift need to add the pause so that the fir file don’t get corrupted with multiple very short (empty) lap entries.

Or they could fix the bug that ruins user data, which is not the user’s fault regardless of how they interact with the UI. It doesn’t matter how Zwift avoids destroying the user’s data. There’s no feature here.

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I don’t think it’s a bug it looks like it is a limitation in the writing of the Fit file.

If it’s a bug then the solution is to slow down the clicking between skips so that the lap is not empty.

Not ruining the user’s data is not a feature. It’s a bug fix. You’re proposing a specific bug fix, which is cool, but not a feature. Any solution to this will do. I think zero disinterested software developers are going to agree that not writing useless data is a feature.

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I have a theory that this is caused because during a workout there are different timers running at the same time and skipping steps makes them get out of sync.

I used to use a very underpowered android tablet for zwift and doing a longer workout would result in the in ride timer getting out of sync with the segment timers, for example, if you did 12 blocks of 5 minutes, at the end of them the game timer would say 59:55 or something. I think this is caused when the gase struggles or stutters and the timer stops and starts very briefly at the same time.

so when you skip segments I think it might do weird things to the workout timer, making it go behind the in game timer and so the time stamps go back in time which corrupts the files.

maybe not that exact issue but something like that