Workout TimeOffset values

When using Timeoffset in a repeat tag, does the timeoffset value relative to the loop you are in or the entire workout…

for example, if i wanted to put a different value on the second loop, would the timeoffset be 180 or is timeoffset specfic to the loop?

<IntervalsT Repeat="3" OnDuration="60" OffDuration="120" OnPower="1" OffPower="0.748" pace="0">
  <textevent timeoffset="0" message="Hammer down, 1 minute!"/>
  <textevent timeoffset="60" message="... and cool down for a few!"/>


That is a good question for making workouts. Better tag @shooj to see what he can find out.


Let me forward your question to someone who would know. Stand by please

Here’s the answer back:

*It’s relative to the start of the interval it’s contained in - repeating intervals like in this example count from the combined time of the high and low blocks. *

You would need a 180 offset for the message to be at the start of second high block of the 3.

Does that make sense?

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Awesome thank you!