Workout Stops On It's Own??

(Murray Irvine) #1

Hi guys,

First off I must say that I really love your Zwift app!! It really is a very cool tool for me to improve my cycling fitness, power and allows me the flexibility to be able to ride even if the weather is bad or the sun isn’t up!

I have been enjoying the workout side of things in particular since I am always looking to improve my power output / FTP and it has a great assortment of structured sessions available for me.

I have a question though…does the workout stop on it’s own and end the session if you are not able to meet a particular segments power requirements?? IE: if I am meant to be riding at 265W for 3 minutes (using ERG) and I am battling around 211W and my cadence is dropping.

I am going to continue on with my feedback as if the answer is “Yes” and I’m assuming it was programmed to do that, because that is what it appears to be doing based on my ride I did earlier today. Twice I got to a point where I was battling and the next thing I see is the end session screen with the “Save” and “Delete” buttons. If it’s not meant to be doing this then it may be a bug.

If it was programmed like this, my response would be…What in the world made you decide to do that? Why is it that the software gets to decide “Ok you’ve had enough, you’re battling too much so you need to stop.” ?? I have my own free will here and I’m deciding how I want to train, so if I physically can’t turn the pedals anymore I will stop myself thank you very much! I’d rather plan to do a certain workout session, push as hard as I can, finish it…but not meet the requirements than just give up mid way through.

Now instead of me just shouting about problems I’m going to offer a few solutions at the same time…these are some things that you can do instead of stopping the entire session:

  1. Put up a prompt (on both the mobile app and desktop app), ASKING the rider whether they want to stop, and stop if they choose Yes. Continue on as is if they choose No.

  2. Immediately prompt the user that they have not met the current segments requirements and jump to the next one. Even if the next segment is a harder one, it will reduce the amount of time that they need to suffer before a cool off period arrives, and they get more riding time in than if it just ended there.

  3. Immediately prompt the user that they have not met the current segments requirements and jump to the next segment which has a lower power requirement to the current one. IE: if the current segment is 265W for 3 mins, then jump to the next segment which has a power of 250W or lower, even if that is 2 or 3 segments ahead.

  4. Keep the rider on the current segment but reduce the ERG resistance, to allow them a bit of a reprieve to be able to recover, instead of just increasing the resistance to try match the power requirements until they can’t pedal anymore.

  5. All of the above. Maybe give the user a config setting option to decide how they want to handle the event where they are not able to meet the workout’s requirement.

Ultimately I want the freedom to be able to train how I see fit, in my case today, (in the McCarthy Special) I was 10 seconds away from hitting the 2nd of 3 recovery periods and was pushing through the pain, I more than likely would have pushed through and met the next 2 tiers of the next interval set but would have battled on the 3rd again. I was ok with that, at least I would have been able to ride for the entire hour and felt like I trained hard. By ending the session yourself you just disrupted my entire plan and left me frustrated!!

Please make this a priority to fix in the near future!!