Workout segment pass/fail criteria changed recently ?

(Willem Pie) #1

I have the impression that something recently  changed about the pass/fail criteria for segments in workouts.

For instance, the 10s high wattage segments in Jon’s mix are have become almost impossible to pass.
It takes a couple of seconds for the trainer (Tacx Vortex smart) to kick up resistance, and even when I hit the power required and keep it steady until the end of the segment, Zwift registers a fail or an ‘OK’ at best.

It seems it would cut me a bit more slack until recently.

Is there a setting that controls the ‘strictness’ in workout mode ?


(Willem Pie) #2

I tried again yesterday, and short, high wattage segments have indeed become impossible to pass, at least in ERG-mode.

By the time the resistance has been stepped up and target power is reached (or even slightly exceeded) the segment is over, and is counted as a fail.

Does this have something to do with the new 3s power averaging ?


(Steve C) #3

Very possibly - try turning it off and see if it improves.

(Jim Hansen (Seattle)) #4

I agree, something changed.  for me, i hate the pass/fail criteria any way, and would love for them to just remove it… at least from ERG mode, where I have very little control over pass/fail anyway.

But yes, it seems *much* harder to pass high power short duration segments now.   

What’s strange is, Jon Mayfield told me here in these forums once, that the first 8 (Maybe?) seconds of a segment don’t count towards pass/fail criteria… which I find strange, because I’ve failed 8 second segments recently (Sufferfest imports with obnoxiously short segments). 

  1. Please tell us what the criteria is for pass fail (is it average over time?, over distance? Does HR or cadence (or halitosis) come in to play?)

  2. Even better, please display this info in the screen for us, so we can know if we need to speed up, slow down, brush our teeth, or whatever, in order to pass a segment.  As it is now, we are guessing.

  3. Please consider allowing us to disable pass/fail in workouts.  At the very least this should be the case if we are in ERG mode, where it just doesn’t make any sense.

(Dan Crow) #5

Same question here.  It’s a bummer to get a FAIL because you were pushing too many watts…if that’s indeed the case. Would be nice to see what your average was for each interval when it’s completed (along the left hand side).

(Kevin Carlson) #6

Yes Zwift whats up with this? same thing happened to me today… Were even doing 15 second segments I pushed way above the criteria to balance it out and it still would not pass me. This pass fail issue is a drag… Means nothing to us. Just remove it, if you cannot account for Power resistance time to change.

(Ashley Masen) #7

I’m having this issue with a regular trainer + power meter.
Do we know what the criteria to pass/fail are?

(Adam Crutchfield) #8

I am late to the party but what are the pass/fail critera and can a I view my workout once completed? 

(Willem Pie) #9

Turning off the 3 sec power averaging resolved the problem for me.

(Mike Pollock) #10

really late to this party but I agree with all comments above. Its very frustrating. I would rather they just take the upper limit off the test so you couldnt fail with this parameter.