Workout Screen on iPhone App

(John Legg) #1

That would be great. Kills my neck to look at computer screen. 

(Jeff VanDusen) #2

Get a computer with HDMI out and run it to a TV.  I currently use a tripod stand for my TV and the HDMI to display the computer on a TV.  You can buy a 32 inch LED for $100 and a tripod for $50 to $100 bucks making your TV completely mobile.  You can also buy an HDMI cable for $10 to $20 up to prob 50 feet. 

(John Legg) #3

Got it. Still would be a good feature. 

(Neil Chladek) #4

having more work out specific detail on the app would be good when using this mode. like current target watts, time left for the interval etc. Yes, TV is good and I have one in front of me but you can never have too many screens and when it’s nice to just put your head down rather than look up constantly.