Workout resets and defaults to "first workout"

I’ve been running a few structured workouts and every time after aprox 5 minutes the workout resets and defaults to the “first workout” that you get thrown into the first time you ride in Zwift (the workout with the one minute free ride intervals to get a rough FTP estimate). Sometimes my set FTP gets reset, sometimes it stays intact.

I then have to exit the “first workout” and start up my intended workout again, from the beginning. This second time the workout runs as intended.

Any suggestions on what is causing this?

Another thought: it would be nice to be able to skip segments of a workout. (For example in the case above, when I have to reset my intended workout I can skip the warm-up part)

You can use the TAB key on the KB to skip a workout block or the companion app.

Companion app:
Skip an Interval: You can skip an interval by swiping right or left on the interval itself. Once you skip an interval, you will be taken down to the next segment immediately.

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Thanks Gerrie for the tip regarding skipping segments! Very useful! It’s a nice workaround to the problem.

Hopefully someone has a solution for the initial problem as well.

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