Workout Request - The Guarantee

Workout request for a ride that guarantees to raise your ftp if completed… call it “the guarantee”

So for a difficulty of 6/5 you could have a workout where you are set at say 110% ftp for 20 mins after a warm up. This would guarantee a 4.5% increase in ftp if completed to get the star. Im assuming ftp is 95% of best 20 min effort.
(110x95%=104.5 or 4.5% increase)
If that’s a bit much: 107% ftp is 1.65% increase, 108% ftp is 2.6% increase, 109% ftp is 3.55%.

Alternatively a over/under session that averages a higher than current ftp could work?

I could just make a custom workout, but I like it when zwift tells me what to do with prompts like “halfway there” “you got this” “1 more minute!” :rofl:

I appreciate it’s not really the point of ftp, but setting a target using erg is good motivation for me and would def help push me to get that 20min max out. For those who are new to pacing and/or don’t really know what they’re capable of unless pushed I think it could really help.

With the way my fitness has been going lately they’d have to call it “Guaranteed Failure” for me :slight_smile: