Workout of the week

Scheduled a workout but never got the dashboard four other riders had the same problem. It was the 1600 workout of the week on Wednesday 23 February

Hi @Mike_Lanahan

I’m a tech support agent with the Zwift team, and noticed in your log files that you’re an Apple TV user.

Evidence in the logs suggests that the app was perhaps not force closed between your Zwift sessions. In order to prevent buggy behavior in Zwift (especially on Apple TV), it’s advisable to force close Zwift after saving your activity, and when you’re done using the app. Leaving the app running (in the background) between your app sessions can sometimes lead to undesirable and unpredictable (buggy) behavior in Zwift.

Force closing Zwift between app sessions is oft-considered a best practice of sorts. You can find more information in this article.

Please give that a try!