Workout notification sounds only

I want the ability to turn off “in game sounds” and “world background noise” but to still get a notification sound when I’m doing a workout and pass through each part of the workout. This doesn’t seem possible right now, but would be a great option!

I believe right now I need to have “in game sounds” on to get these audible workout notifications, but the constant beeps and boops and "twee-do"s that come as part of the “in game sounds” is incredibly annoying.

I tend to run no sound on the PC (well, sounds are on, but the speakers are off) and have some music and companion app running on a tablet mounted in my handlebars.

Usually the companion app will play the pings as you go through the hoop between segments (without any of the other sounds)

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Wholeheartedly agree with this request, the constant noise is just jarring and unnecessary.