Workout not logging to apple health

(Teddy Svoronos) #21

Thanks for the info Keith - and for entertaining all my questions! Here comes another: can I assume, then, that you turn off permissions for Mobile Link to write to the Health app?

(Keith Pelzer) #22

We have a Winner :laughing: you hit it on the nose Ted. Mobile link is only allowed to write HR data the other permissions are turned off. I do have all on for Mobile link to read data.

(Teddy Svoronos) #23

Keith, thanks for this! FYI there’s a nice little app called RunGap that will sync your Strava to Health with much more granularity, and even includes route maps! It does require manual input, but the workout info is much more robust.

(Teddy Svoronos) #24

Btw, is it just me or does Mobile Link not even allow Cycling Distance to be written to the Health app? Such a strange omission that’s in the actual Zwift app but not Mobile Link.

(Andre Jost) #25

Teddy you are not strange… Missing this information too. Can´t belive that we are paying for such a software and such important information is missing.

(Richard McClurg) #26

Having same issue. ZML not writing any data to Apple Health. Sources show Mobile Link > Data > No data found.

(Warren M) #27

okay i see the issue here, it looks like if you are using your iPhone for Zwift, you will need to have your Apple Watch tracking your heart rate. The problem is half the time Zwift (on my iPhone) does not connect to my Apple Watch ( i get “Unpaired” error) so I have to fiddle with my watch and phone until hopefully after many reboots they connect. 

(Theo Bell) #28

New zwifter here, seeing the same issue. Using appletv, apple watch and companion app with cyclops trainer. All devices sync, all permissions to apple health enables. 1/4 rides get synced to apple health, the rest show up in companion but not in apple health/activity.

(Monte Brookshier 5047) #29

Same issue. Used apple TV, Kickr, Tickr, cadence sensor. No heat rate or workout data saved to Apple health.