Workout not logging to apple health

(Stephen Blais) #1

When finishing a ride it will update cycle distance but it will not log a workout.  Yes, I have checked all of my sources in health kit.

The workout synced to map my ride but not to strava.

(Jason K) #2

The only cases we’ve seen where Zwift has problems is when it doesn’t have access. Can you double-check to make sure Zwift has access to the Apple Health data?

As for the issue with syncing to Map My Ride, but not Strava, you should contact Strava directly. If it uploads to, but not any third-party sites, then the problem is usually related to the third-party site.

Let us know if you’re still having problems after checking Zwift’s permissions.

(Ryan McFarland) #3

I am having the same problem.  I have checked and zwift is allowed access to both read and write to the health app, but there is no data converting over. 

(William Borkovitz) #4

I am having the same issue. Zwift, even via Strava, no longer writes data the the health app on iOS.

(Richard Hamel) #5

I’m having the same issue.  Multiple workouts but no data in Apple Health.

(William Borkovitz) #6

As a follow up, when I open up the Strava mobile app, the data is then sent the the Apple health app, but only miles and time. No HR or calories are recorded which renders the health app and activity app useless for goals.

(Terje Bjerkseth) #7

I’m having the same issue. 

Zwift app has full access in Sources, but does not write Workout data. Only logs active energy, cycling distance, and hr. So workouts do not show up in Activity app!! :frowning:


(Btw, Mobile Link in Health only shows Data. It does not show any access at all.)

(Akos Rappant) #8

Same issue as for Terje.

Active Energy, Distance and Heart Rate written to Health, but not the Workout, and it doesn’t show up at Activity app. All access enabled.

It seems multiple users have same issue, hopefully support will have a look! Thanks in advance!

(Terje Bjerkseth) #9

I filed bug 93555 for this in early December and sent some logs etc, hopefully they will be able to fix this. But please upvote this case, everyone!

EDIT: Zwift says that full Health workout tracking will only work if the Apple Watch is also linked to Zwift and being used as the HRM (not external HRM). Haven’t verified myself yet. Hope they will fix this in the future, so that the Zwift and Zwift Mobile Link apps can support full Health workouts and activity rings using sensors and external HRMs directly (like some other apps), not require using/connecting the watch.


(Keith Pelzer) #10

Amazingly this worked the other day and now nothing :smirk: gotta be a bug

(Joe Kubicki) #11

Question how do I get Zwift Mobile Link as a source for Apple Health Data?

I uninstalled ZML from my iPhone X because it was showing “no Data” in the Apple Health App. All Categories were Turned ON. When I reinstalled it ZMT no long shows up in Health App. I can’t find anything in setting in the ZML app. I restarted the phone too.

(William Borkovitz) #12

As of 12/21 it now shows calories but the HR is just flat wrong. Also, you have to open up the Strava mobile app for health to update. Come on Apple!!

(Teddy Svoronos) #13

Keith Pelzer: when it does actually write to the Activity app, does it actually fill your Move/Exercise rings too?

(William Borkovitz) #14

 Mine always writes to the activity app, but never includes heart rate for exercise minutes. Only miles written. So, it does not affect the exercise minutes ring without those readings. 

(Keith Pelzer) #15

Hey Teddy sorry for the late response. the way i have it set up, it writes to the activity app after opening up the strava app as William Brokovitz said.  I have to HR monitors, the tickr and I have my apple watch3.  I use my apple tv app.  the kickr and duotap are connected to the Apple tv and the watch is connected to the zwift mobile app.  when I’m done zwift posts to Strava and stava to Activity App.  Heart rate only shows up when Im using the AW3 as a Hr monitor, when I use the tickr. Strava gets it but it won’t transfer to the Activity App. In my trial and error I have found them to be close. Just that if you don’t use the AW3 you’ll have no details in the Activity app.  

(Joe Kubicki) #16


I just went back an reread earlier post and Keith’s latest one. I have been using my Kickr strap for HR and that’s when I wasn’t getting any data from ML. ML also didn’t have the options in Heath for sending DATA. 

When I did my current setup after the Apple TV app came out last month it used my Apple Watch 3 for HR (unknowingly) and everything worked. After that first ride I started using my Kickr strap like I always did before. I then noticed that I wasn’t getting Data sent to my Activity app like I did the first time.

Just did a 5 min ride. This time I selected the Apple Watch for HR and a message came up on ML about sending data. I opened the Heath App and ML had the option for sending and reading Data like other Heath app do. I turn everything on, did my ride and everything was sent at the end. 

The only problem is Zwift says it can’t connect to my AW and I get no HR reading.

Time for some more trial and error. But at least I now get some credit for riding.

(Keith Pelzer) #17

Hey Joe, So one more thing.  Since the Apple tv can only get I believe 3 bluetooth connections I open the ZML first and then the App on the tv.  The tv gets the cadence sensor and the kickr and the ZML gets the AW.  if it doesn’t get it on the start up go into the game/ride and then go to bluetooth and add it from there.  you should see the HR on your watch and on the screen.  Out of 10 or more rides I have had 2 drops and had to reconnect the AW in the middle of a ride.  Also make sure the permissions are set in Health Kit. FYI my chain is Zwift to Strava, Strava to Health Kit.  

(Keith Pelzer) #18

(Teddy Svoronos) #19

Interesting - I thought Zwift was able to write workouts to Health on its own. It sounds like you’re having to use its sync to Strava to then get Strava to write to Health?

(Keith Pelzer) #20

You’re correct Zwift is capable to do that. Because of the variations in stats I jus run everything into Strava and then to the Health Kit . Example: outdoors I use my Elemnt which loads to Strava. And indoors Zwift to Strava. Just makes it easier to throw it all into Strava and Strava to Health kit.