Workout not credited to my Academy progression

Thanks for providing a great training tool and putting together the Zwift Academy each year.
I completed two workouts today. Workout #1 and workout #5 but only got credited for one workout.
I completed the first, saved it and signed out of the game. Re entered the game, completed the second, saved it and signed out.
Can you only do a single work out per day? or is it due the me not doing the workouts in sequence?
Regards and Thanks Matt

I would suggest double check by going to Academy page or

It might just be your app didn’t reflect your status immediately.

Save a screenshot and write to support if this step shows only one workout.

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My profile is not reflecting the Zwift - Team Dimension Data Zwift Academy Group Ride I did on the 7th at 1100 am.

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I feel your pain…and believe zwift tech support is currently buried/submerged in all things Zwift Academy and also responding to the tsunami of new zwifter’s from the TDF ad campaign, hopefully they’ll get this sorted…before…we finish Zwift Academy, a few days or maybe a week or two for them to catch up?

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I was taking in a group workout today and Zwift just crashed 2 minutes before finishing it. So I made the whole workout except the full cooldown (3min instead 5min). Restarting Zwift recovered the entry of time and distance, but not power curve.
Any way to „restore“ the Workout achievement?

Hi Zwifters! If you’re seeing any inaccuracies with your progress bar and rides, please send us a message at We want to make sure you get your hard earned credit :slight_smile: