Workout not credited to my Academy progression

Thanks for providing a great training tool and putting together the Zwift Academy each year.
I completed two workouts today. Workout #1 and workout #5 but only got credited for one workout.
I completed the first, saved it and signed out of the game. Re entered the game, completed the second, saved it and signed out.
Can you only do a single work out per day? or is it due the me not doing the workouts in sequence?
Regards and Thanks Matt

I would suggest double check by going to Academy page or

It might just be your app didn’t reflect your status immediately.

Save a screenshot and write to support if this step shows only one workout.

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My profile is not reflecting the Zwift - Team Dimension Data Zwift Academy Group Ride I did on the 7th at 1100 am.

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I feel your pain…and believe zwift tech support is currently buried/submerged in all things Zwift Academy and also responding to the tsunami of new zwifter’s from the TDF ad campaign, hopefully they’ll get this sorted…before…we finish Zwift Academy, a few days or maybe a week or two for them to catch up?

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