Workout mode, with heart rate controlling resistance

In the past I used Tacx trainer and software, and one great feature was the ability to set a target heart-rate, and it then managed the resistance in order to keep you in that zone.

I very often use this type of training, but in Zwift I have to choose a free ride workout, then manually bump the resistance up and down to control. It would be fantastic to be able to automate that - set a target heart rate and Zwift controls the resistance of the smart trainer in ERG mode, to maintain that target rate.


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HRM based resistance control would be a bad adjustment.  Since hr lags power in terms of syching, it would have to spike hard at first.  


ERG power is the best bet as hr can be to varible.

It’s not a case of either being ‘best’, since it depends what the rider wants to achieve. In my case I am looking for a steady state ride at a controlled heart-rate - there are no ‘spikes’ in resistance, because there are no changes. 

Even in the case of changes the Tacx software managed that absolutely fine, noting the change needed and ramping it over a period of time.

For anyone who wants to train for example on Maffetone principles, it’s incredibly beneficial.

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Of course you can still do that. Load up the Tacx Training app on your phone and set your target HR. You can still use Zwift at the same time.

I would…except my Tacx was an I-Magic (incompatible with Zwift), and long since replaced by a KICKR, which I use now :slight_smile:

Hi Scott, 

Thanks a lot for your suggestion, I’ll add it to our request list and will see if other people will vote it up so we can put it onto our radar. 

In meantime stay tuned and Ride On!


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Great news! 

We don’t all have a smart trainer and it’s the way I’m training also

Thanks to look at it 


I’d love to have this option…

I’m doing MAF workouts and adjusting my cadence and gearing to maintain my target HR.




Did this go anywhere? I couldn’t see it listed anywhere to vote for. Would be really great for heart-rate zone workouts, and MAF style.

One more vote for this. The control loop doesn’t have to be super fast, it could increase resistance gradually until a prefix limit is reached.

I’m trying to perform a MAF test as well and would be great if we had this option. This will be typical way below FTP level, so you could have a set limit for HR and a max cap for the power.

Can we please have this option in the workouts? 

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Hi! I would love to see this feature. Have also used it before with tacx training software, its the best way if you’re aiming for optimal fat burn for example. 

Try it with tacx software and see how it works. No spikes!

Using power zone makes your heart rate increase for very long. I know power based training is probably best 90% of the time but not when it comes to fat burning. Many people wants to lose weight. 

Voting! Keep up the good work!

The earlier answer mentioned “I’ll add it to our request list…” - where is the request list? I wanted to have a look and see where this is.

It’s getting very annoying trying to manage this manually (constantly shifting gear / cadence / resistance, so am thinking to going back to using my old Tacx software and dropping Zwift for now.

One more vote for this feature here. MAF training also. As for the power adjustment delay, it should be pretty standard. Or configurable at 5, 10, 15 seconds. No issue there.

In the meantime, I manage manually in Rider’s Choice but it requires concentration. I can’t admire the Watopia countryside as much…

Keep up the good work.

One more vote!

Add another vote for that. MAF is becoming a very popular training tool and would make Zwift a lot more versatile for various training needs.

Any news on this? I finally bit the bullet this fall and joined Zwift. It’s been great, indoor training has never been as “fun” before. But time is coming for some structure to be put into the training and that structure will need HR-based resistance. It sure would be nice if I didn’t have to spend my time fussing with gears and/or manual resistance to achieve this.  Fingers crossed!

I’d like to see this as well. Hard to maintain a target heart rate using power zones over an extended period of time. Anybody know of any other apps which can do this?

I emailed Wahoo and asked them, and they seemed interested in building it into their controller apps - that would mean it could be used with any app (not restricted to Zwift), but only by Wahoo users.

Zwift themselves seem so far unintererested.

One more vote here. Really interested in hr training, perhaps using the color interface from zwift running would help as well, user defined hr zones and the software changes the color accordingly.

Definitely a great option for training and shouldn’t be that difficult to engineer. 100% vote for this.