Workout Mode Issues - Warmup

Since the new companion app rolled out, the warmup in workout mode has been very different than the past.  My PC will be set at a low power to start out the ride in workout mode (100 watts)… my ftp is 305.  My warmups used to start at like 140 watts and progress to 200 watts.  At the same time, when I look at the companion app, the workout screen will show a different wattage its controlling to.  Its roughly 20 watts higher on the app than on the pc.  The wattage setpoint is very slow to increase during my 15 min warmup. where it didn’t used to be that way.  So the warmup in workout mode is not really getting me warmed up.  The wattage setpoint is too low.  I am taking these workouts from my training peaks account where I build the workouts in workout builder.