Workout mode - how does a rider 'score' points towards new levels?

(Jerry Bob) #1

does anyone know if workout mode counts towards getting to new levels? i didn’t not see the normal +20XP hitting up and didn’t know if workout mode does not go towards new level scores or if it is in the background asked zwift folks but not heard back

(Michael Henasey) #2

I’ve noticed that as you complete stars, you get points. I’ve seen +60 a few times. I wonder about this as well. Seems like we may not be accumulating points the same in workout vs just ride.

(Duane Gran [Vision]) #3

I’m not personally too worked up over it, but I’ve not seen any of the XP notices while using the workout mode at all.  I’ve seen screen shots from others where it displays but in the ~4 workout mode sessions I’ve done no XP notices have displayed.  I’ve seen them after the workout concludes and it goes into regular simulation mode, but only for regular activities such as hitting whole distance numbers or getting the + powerup.  I’m using a CompuTrainer if that makes any difference.  I haven’t taken the time yet to see if it looks like points are accumulating and if it is just a display bug.

(Michael Henasey) #4

I watched this more closely last night and found that points do seem to be accumulating correctly.

During my warm-up, I went about 2.5mi when I completed the 10-min WU and received +60 XP. Seems right.

Then during the main set, I went about ~15mi and on completion I received +480 XP. Seems almost right. 15mi x 30XP = 450XP plus 30XP for…? 15mi. in Watopia is 2.5 laps, which means I pass at least 7 or so banners. I was riding the TT bike so I should have received +70XP bonus, +10XP for each banner (KOM/Sprint/Start/Finish).

I didn’t even go a mile for the cool down so received no XP on completion. That’s fair.

So it looks like its working but maybe they are leaving out the TT bike bonus?

(Jerry Bob) #5

thanks. will have to compare a workout ride with pre post stats. helpful colour Michael. thank you,. 

(Michael Henasey) #6

pleasure, Jerry. let me know if your findings are the same.

(Nikita Shvetsov (Multi-Team)) #7

From my observations points are given at the end of interval, not for the distance but for the time. It’s about 6XP per minute and it’s equals to points you can get in “Just ride” mode at 18km/h avg speed.

Update 13.03:

I was wrong. It seems that 6XP/min is true for “Free ride” blocks. Today i got 648XP for 60 minutes in power zone 2 block. It’s hard to see points for hard efforts but I will try.