Workout Mode Crash on Mac OS X El Capitan

Since the most recent Zwift update I am having an issue with the Zwift workout mode.  I am running Zwift on Mac OS X El Capitan.

Basically the games loads up fine to the screen where you can choose to “just ride”, ride with someone else, or enter the workout mode.  If you click on the workout mode, Zwift instantly crashes.

On the next login following a crash, Zwift won’t recognise any of my sensors - no power meter, cadence / speed, or heart rate monitor.  But if you then close down Zwift and login again, the sensors are detected.

The ordinary riding modes - ie just riding, or riding with someone else - work absolutely fine.  The crash only occurs when you try to enter the workout mode.

Any fix for this issue?

I get something similar with el capitan, everything works fine until I reach the climb area of the course, then system crashes at the same point, when I log back in all my sensors are lost

I also have this problem in windows, just ride works fine but select workout mode and it crashes. 


Same problem for me, with a Mac running El Capital OSX. When I select workout model, it crashes. 

Had exact same issue at the weekend except that I was not using workout mode.  Crashed then didn’t recognise sensors then all ok on the reboot.  Mac and El Capitan. 

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I have a similar problem. All works well until I select workout mode. The program  crashes. I have the same problems with the 2nd start of the program. Also running El Capitan!

Same here! When I press ‘Select workout’ the program freezes and I can’t do anything but restart. Even if I reboot my entire computer, it doesn’t work :expressionless: I’m on Mac OS X High Sierra.