Workout Mode - Cool Down Intensity?

(Jari Bartsch) #1

Is it me? or does the final cool down interval in workout mode seem a little tough for anyone else? ie after the last interval in the several workouts I’ve done start off only 20watts down on the final interval! This gradually ramps down to more manageable levels toward the end. I’m pretty much working hard until the final 5minutes or so, this plus you are inclined to keep it up to get a Perfect full star for segment.

Too hard? or do I need to HTFU? 

(Daren Chandisingh [Vision]) #2

Might depend on the workout. Last night I did Jon’s Short Mix; the last work effort was 10m @ 200W, but the cooldown started at 140, soon dropping to 120 and 100. Only other workout I’ve done was an FTP test, and the cooldown for that was fine too. Which one were you doing?

(Jari Bartsch) #3

Thanks Daren, yeah maybe? that cool down sounds more reasonable. Have done SST(Med), SST(short), Winter Training (Week 1, Day 1).

Plan is to cherry pick from Winter Plan + Sweet Spot workouts through end of year, before starting FTP Builder in January. So I’ll see how some of the cool downs in other workouts are.

(Jari Bartsch) #4

Yep did a couple more workouts…

“Cool down” starts at just under 80% FTP, which is tempo for me, then tapers to just under 70%. Tough coming off the last interval.

Example 10:00min Cool down (FTP 205)
5:00min @ 160w, 3:00min @140w, 2:00min @ 120w

Seems a little high to start, no?

(C oach Paul Ozier) #5

I find the best cool down to be; after the last hard effort, a very short 30 second break to relax, take a few deep breaths. The go back to top of Zone 2 (Endurance 75% of FTP) and gradually slide lower and lower over the next 8 minutes. Then the last 2 minutes are at grandma pace of 40% of FTP. Works for me and the athletes I coach. I did not think this one up. I read a short article about ‘warming down’ a few years back. So instead of going from wide open throttle to zero, it is a gradual warm down. I personally find that my legs do not feel like bags of wet concrete after a workout with the end being the wide open to zero method.