Workout mode comments

(Peter Cullin) #1

I am really happy to see the workout mode!

A couple of minor remarks.


I must admit I not looked it through that careful but what I would like is a winter scheme (12- 16 weeks) that prepare me for the season with 3 workouts/week rather than daily workouts. Not everybody can find that time


In  workoutmode graphics is that white text on yellow (last minute of work interval ) is pretty difficult to read without glasses

In general please consider the fact that quite a number of you users most likely is a little older nd prefer good contrast and easy readable text. Especially as tend to be rather sweatty after a couple of minutes indoor 



See below picture below, top and bottom runs.

In workout mode input of average 182W for 50 minutes gave a distance of 21,8Km.

In normal mode an average of 175 W for 1 hour gave a distance of 30,7Km.

Seams there is something calculating wrong distance and also average speed in this workout mode




(Mikael Jonsson) #2

When having a workout with many intervals the list don’t float and keeps the actual place centered until there are no more intervals, leaving me whit no clue of whats up next for the most of the workout.