Workout Mode bugs and feedback

(Trevor Dias) #1

Hi, just did my first workout which was great but a few things to report back:

  1. the screen to choose the workout was extremely jittery, was near impossible for me to select the session I wanted. 

  2. the view of myself I was using during the session (the one just slightly behind), was not stable. It kept moving back then forward and also switching view every now and again. 


A few few nice to have:

  1. during an interval (in yellow) on the countdown bar, it’s hard to see time remaining when the yellow covers the white time remaining counter. 

  2. I think you have purposely made the last bit of an interval look blurry (I like the thinking, to replicate the pain you are going through). However on some workouts (like the one I did today), the intervals increase intensity straight after another. So it’s a bit off putting to go blurry and then back to normal vision when through a ‘gate’ even though the next part is an ever harder interval.