Workout Menu Without Launching The App

I do Zwift workouts and I do Sufferfest workouts. First off, I clearly understand the Zwift app is far more complex than the Sufferfest app and takes far longer to launch.

I can launch Sufferfest in just a few seconds and there I will find all their workouts, sortable by Alphabetic, Duration, Category (climbing, endurance, racing, etc.), focus on specific benefits (FTP, anaerobic capacity, etc.).

I’d love to see the same sortability on Zwift without having to launch the app. I’d like to peruse the various workouts (possibly excluding custom workouts) so I can decide what I want to do “today.” Do I only have 30 minutes available in my busy schedule and want a climbing workout less than a half-hour long? Maybe a racing workout over an hour when I have more time? A really long endurance workout?

If it exists on, I haven’t found it.

Are you looking for something like this?

Not really. I’m not looking for a multi-week plan, I’m looking for something like what Sufferfest has – a list of all their workouts, duration, whether it’s for climbing or racing or endurance or whatever, whether it benefits my FTP or my neuromuscular ability, etc. The plans below don’t tell me that.

No. I’ve looked there before. If I go to, say, “Less than one hour to burn” I don’t necessarily see which of those workouts is for climbing, racing, endurance, sprinting, etc. Which one of those will help me build my neuromuscular abilities? Which will most benefit my anaerobic capacity? Only a couple of them actually show the duration – for the others I have to click one at a time to see that which is sort of a waste because I can’t look at them all in a list that shows all the attributes – like climbing or endurance, duration, benefits, etc.