Workout interval overview shows +1 More

When riding a workout with more intervals than there can be displayed in the left hand side overview, the last line of the overview always shows something like “+X More” (with a number instead of the X).

Getting further in the workout, the information scrolls up line by line, so the “X” decreases in time, every time the actual workout moves on to the next interval.

At some point, when there are only 2 more intervals that can’t be displayed, it says “+2 More”. When finishing the next interval, this switches to “+1 More”.

But, if there’s space in the overview to show in the last line “+1 More”, this could also be replaced by the actual last interval, which in my opinion makes much more sense to show, instead of a placeholder.

It’s something minor, but maybe something that could easily be updated if you agree that my approach makes more sense…