Workout intensity slider stopped working in latest ver.

When in workout mode you can change the intensity of the workout from 90%-110%.

This is not working anymore in the latest version. The intensity levels will change in the left hand side workout-plan, but the actual intensity you are supposed to hold will not.

I’m using ERG-mode and I’m on PC.

I’m having problems with erg and workouts too since the update. Using pc linked to tacx bushido smart - when on workout there does not seem to be a change in the resistance between intervals - stays as per the harder interval, however the resistance does change during the harder interval suggesting it’s not a bushido issue. Any help as this is ruining my sessions?

Same here, workout percentage modifier is completely broken since the recent update, exactly as you describe.

Thanks for the reports! We’re aware of this issue, and a patch to fix it should go out very soon.

EDIT: And the fix is live! Be sure to update to the latest version if you’re still having this issue.

mine seem to change the wattage on the panel on the left bit doesnt actually increase or decrease the power in the main box in the middle