Workout in event


if I’m joining an event with a workout, is it possible save this workout to do it again?
Or maybe extract it from the fit file?


Is the workout not available from the on-demand list in the training menu on Zwift?

I mean if it’s a custom workout

They should be able to email you the file and then you can import it to Zwift to use again. I think?

If they will NOT send it, this is the question what I can do.

Well I’ve never tried this, but it might be a solution for you?

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I’ll give it a try, thanks!

Not working from a normal fit file

FAQ: Why does my .fit file give an error upon conversion?

The workout converter only supports workout ‘recipe’ .fit files, not recorded workouts. To convert a recorded workout to a Zwift workout .zwo file it is possible to use our GPX to ZWO converter where you can use a .gpx file of the recorded workout (instead of the .fit file), which typically can be exported from Garmin, Strava, etc.

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