Workout - Holiday Pause

Not just for holidays or sickness - I’m a woman and we have cycles of our own - I’m realising that the heaviest training load weeks are consistently falling during the PMT phase when hormones make you feel tired / ill / generally lower your FTP… I’d really like to be able to re-schedule the training to allow for this!

More generally, do the training plans actually account for women’s different needs? (eg longer recovery time due to less testosterone) I suspect not and already deliberately skip the less useful looking workouts as necessary - but would like to be treated like a grown up and able to add back in when I’m feeling good. (For example this week only has three, easier workouts, but I actually have a slim window of opportunity when I feel GOOD!)

BTW, I read on another page that plans cannot be paused, and then that they could be cancelled and resumed if within 7 days. Which is true?? (I suspect the latter is not, but don’t want to test it out…)