Workout for Club events

Hi all,

As a club owner/admin I would really appreciate the possibility to choose freely among all workouts in the Zwift catalogue when creating a group workout, even custom workouts.
So frustrating to only be able to choose from 9+2.

Also ability to receive notifications of any pending approval of memberships to the club roster would elevate UX.


I second this. I am also a club admin, myself and our members would like more workouts and also set training plans. For example we ride outside Saturdays and Sundays but our Tuesday and Thursday night sessions would be much better with the ability to choose a structured training plan.


Same here. We organised training on Zwift last winter and would like to do it from the club this year. Thanks !

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@Allan_Wisen good call ! Same here as well . Cheers , Stephan

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I’ve just setup a club for our IM70.3 group to ride together. The idea was to do a custom ZWO workout (which is in my workouts) as a group which reflects the course layout.

Shame this ability to not be able to assign custom workouts from your profile to a club workout is not there at present.

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Agreed. My club would also find this useful.

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This is spot-on…no real advantage to having a Club if you have to access the full array of Workouts using a “meetup”…


Same here. It’s possible on RGT Cycling, why not on Zwift?

current club-functionalities are derived from long existing public group events and not from meetups. As a result custom workouts and rubberbanding must be implemented completely new, they told us :slight_smile: since long time

@Ryan_Scannell @shooj

Any news for this feature?

Is there a way to be in the beta tester club group? Some clubs have those advanced feature? I would like to know more and get the possibility to do custom events and workouts for my club.


No reaction from Zwift on this topic.
But I agree. Very much needed!

There has been internal discussion of doing group workouts in a Club in a way that the workout plan is on the server for all participants, rather than requiring each participant to have the ZWO file downloaded to their computer.

This requires architectural changes on the back end, so this is not a quick and easy thing to implement. It’s being discussed because there’s a lot of merit to it. No firm plans, no timelines to offer at this time.


Is this not more of an issue for custom workouts ,(which would definitely be great) whereas the original post was about opening up the choice to all of the standard Zwift catalogue that everyone should already have access to…

Surely that doesn’t require such a lengthy change and the same approach as the current selection can be applied / extended?

You’re absolutely spot on.
No need to customise workouts for 99% of users as existing workouts will do just great for most riders.
Those workouts available in club mode are great. But not enough variation for a complete winter season

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Can we just (massively) increase the existing library as a step one? Assuming the majority of clubs do workouts from 30m - 1h, there are 4 workouts to choose from.


It would be a huge improvement if we can select our own workouts from the standard workout menu in a club ride with the keep together function. Just like what we can do in a meetup.


So why is it possible with certain clubs like JZQC for example?

Because it’s a manual process at the moment. To scale this up to all clubs requires a system-wide change.

So it’s possible to request this “manual process” if your a big club? Otherwise could you not extend the workouts even a little while we wait? It’s offseason and we only have SST HIT sets. Just a few more options around 60min would please the masses


We’ve done 4 weeks of club workouts now and have exhausted all the options. I’m pretty sure everyone will lose their enthusiasm when I schedule the same workout again for next week.