Workout, erg mode drops out every 20 seconds

Mac OS, Kickr smart trainer, bluetooth pairing. (Also happens with Ant+) During a workout (noticeable at higher power, the erg shuts off every 20 seconds for a second or so, regularly, through the whole workout. Pretty obvious from the screen shot:

Have you put the log file through

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OK I just did but I have no idea what I’m looking at. I think it’s pretty obvious from the training peaks graph tho.

It may give you some tips on how to improve your signal drops in the bluetooth or ant+ connection graph area. If you can post some screen shots we may be able to help.

I looked at a few of your activities and the ones with HRM linked generally show a lot of drops for both your Kickr and HRM (and cadence but presume that is via the Kickr) so I suspect your problem is interference. Zwiftalizer highlights errors and reconnects. EDIT: “searches” is what you dont want to see a lot of.