Workout Editor should be available if not connected to sensors

(Jay Levy) #1

It appears access to the workout editor requires logging in with sensors connected. It would be far more useful if editor access did not have this limitation. The user should not be constrained to being connected to the trainer for access to this function.

There is no better activity than sitting on the sofa creating workouts! Not possible…

Seriously, this really limits the utility of this function requiring all editing to be done connected to the trainer/ANT+ device.

thanks for the great work… looking forward to future updates – jay

(. tony (ZZRC)) #2

+1 for this. Was about to post exact same until I saw the above.

(Michael Henasey) #3

Click Just Watch and then hit the E key to bring up the Workout Screen and Editor :slight_smile:

(Marlon Kruis TeamODZ (X)) #4

Or hit ESCAPE in paiting screen will get you over to WO or RIDE.

(Jay Levy) #5

Thanks all. Quite simple (if you know the keys!). Again… thanks

(Marco Soldano) #6

Great! I couldn’t figure it out by myself, seemed to be silly, there should be an easier way to move around the menus when in ‘offline’ mode (i.e. no sensors)

(Tim Nordberg) #7

Glad I found this thread, I was also frustrated by this limitation.  It would be nice if this behavior was more obvious.

(Andy Derbyshire) #8

I am really loving Zwift, but this is an annoyance. I know the key function list is available, but it would have been easier to be able to log in and access the workout from my account page, which provides minimal function. Instead I have to log in via the app as if about to go for a ride and then hit E, after clicking just watch. A bit cumbersome. I also find that if you end a ride you get booted out so, so need to log back in if you want to do something else.

I know these are minor gripes and I am loving Zwift.

(Michael Henasey) #9

Until Zwift or someone in the community creates an “offline” Zwift workout editor, everyone, please, bring out the inner geek/coder in yourselves and create workouts using any old text editor (e.g. Notepad) and hand write the XML :slight_smile:

(Jay Levy) #10

I wouldn’t call this an “offline” editor, but it is one step above a text editor and notepad. Generally works fine. I’m sure someone can create something far more elegant…

Note… decreasing power ramps don’t work well, but I haven’t tried to troubleshoot. Probably easily fixable.

I’ve used this successfully to create many workouts. Some simple instructions in the file itself. In brief:

  1. Update fixed values in upper left

  2. Add segments using the Type dropdown. Fill in the other info for each segment

  3. Use Type ‘END’ for the last entry

  4. Copy the formatted XML on the right into a text file and save with .zwo extension

Good luck. As I said, this has worked fine for me. YMMV!  enjoy - jay 

(Chris Cowell (CycleCafe)) #11

Nice, thank you Jay.

I have spent the last hour editing existing ZWO’s to create my own intervals .ZWO using notepad, which is fairly straightforward, but this spreadsheet is a huge help.

Thanks again, much appreciated.


(Matt McNeil) #12

I was interested in having an offline editor, and was interested in the challenge of creating it myself, so I created 

(Paul Sampson (CLS)) #13

Hey Matt, great job on this!  I can now create workouts easily offline without resorting to XML coding :slight_smile: