workout editor apparent bug

(Ron Skinner) #1

I tried the workout editor last evening and when I chose the cool down segment and placed it in the workout it looked proper.  However when I started the workout the cool down segment was now identified as a ramp up segment???  So instead of ramping down from my last segment is went from low wattage to high wattage the same as the warmup segment.

(Jay Levy) #2

I’ve observed the same problem.

I would like to create workouts that include ramps UP to a certain steady state interval and then ramps DOWN to another steady state interval. The editor does not allow this. Well, strictly speaking, the editor does “allow” this. Whether using a cooldown segment in the middle of the workout OR using a ramp with an ending power lower than the starting power, the editor compiler substitutes a low-to-high ramp.

I have many examples, if needed.