Workout 2 - solo and group workouts are different

I searched the forum to see if someone has mentioned this before, and I couldn’t find anything noting this:

I just noticed that the women (no idea about the men) who completed the Sprint workout as a group were given stars out of a possible 30, while those doing it solo could max out at 24. This difference had me looking a little closer at the 2 workouts, and I noticed that the 30sec low power sections immediately after the 10 sec sprints for the solo workouts were actually free ride sections in the group workout. Shouldn’t both workouts under the same name - solo and group ZA Workout #2 - have been the exact same?

I noticed the same thing. I did the solo workout and found the 30 second low power made little sense and we’re impossible to do (no stars) on any of them. Would recommend sticking to the group version.

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