Workarounds for longstanding Companion App issues

I’ve recently found workarounds for two longstanding Companion App issues (Android, at least, don’t know if both affected iOS).

First, for powerups not being available from the Dashboard page (button stays grayed out after picking up a powerup). When this happens, drop back to the Home page (back or Menu->Home), then back into game mode (Menu->Home), and when you go to the Dashboard, it’ll be there. This has worked consistently for me on my last several rides.

Second, for the reminder/calendar settings being ignored when signing up for events. Instead of signing up from the event page, go one step further, into the category page (where signups are listed), and sign up there. Reminders and calendar events will get set if that’s what your setting is. Even if an event is single category, going that one extra step works.

@shooj , maybe this might help finally get these fixed?