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I am a new user. I have a Wahoo Kickr. I am trying to use Zwift to do my own workout. Where do I go to have it track my cadence and wattage but not have it put me on a predetermined course? I want to be able to increase/decrease my cadence and/or wattage as I do my own intervals.


Hi @Edith_Adams1, it sounds like you just need to log in and choose any route you want and ride. If you are planning on doing your own intervals, then you might want to consider riding a flat course like Watopia’s Tempus Fugit so the terrain will not change your resistance too much. Or, you can lower your trainer difficulty in the settings menu all the way down to 0 (far left) and the hills will not change the resistance on the Kickr, then it doesn’t matter what route you choose, you will be in control by changing gears.

You can also create a custom workout in Zwift to match exactly what you want to do, the Kickr will take control of the resistance and all you have to do is pedal.

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Thank you. I will try these things.