Women only rides?

(Tomas) #1

I have noticed that there are a lot of rides dedicated to women only, do we have to discriminate even in a virtual world? I have never seen a men only ride announced,would be interesting to know why we cant ride together.

(Nigel ) #2

Probably a number of reasons and the same reason my cycling club and others have women only group rides:

  1. Pace is a bit slower than group rides with men. Much less likely to have flyers in women only events
  2. Not having to put up with men talking to them / chatting them up.

(Zach Johnston) #3

As my wife says, a lot of them want to compare themselves to the top dog (or be the top dog). As in female dog. They arent competing against the men in the real world. If you’re not a woman, you’re in the way in terms of data collection.

Its absolutely goofy to say its ‘discrimination’. If you want actual cycling discrimination, just look at the way the UCI treats women’s cycling. :wink:

And even on a non competitive outlook, some times it nice to just get away from the other ■■■. Just as bros bond doing bro things, women also have a sense of camaraderie and I bet its nice for them to get the ■■■■ away from dudes for a while.

(Tomas) #4

For me zwift is a virtual world with cartoon avatars riding around, i now understand thats not how everyone views it.

(Grégory) #5

The problem with those rides is that now there is less SUB2 events available for men. Half of them are women only now, and I’m not that good of a rider to go much faster.
I can understand why this type of rides have a place in real world, but not in a game, and not with non-race events.

(Milan Rost) #6

I do not know how many sports there are in the real world competing women and men - in this moment I know about sailing and equestrian.
Sure there are more.
Has IMHO nothing to do with discrimination; just respecting there are some differences.

(Grégory) #7

This is why I’m talking about non-race events