Women cycle too

It’s great to see they have added a more diverse selection of hair styles. Well done Zwift!

But what about the women? There are so few hairstyles (and even the most feminine pony looks more like a man-bun), with such a small selection of colour options, that we all look the same. Please can some women’s hairstyles be included in the next update?

This was posted yesterday by someone from Zwift, and should answer your question:

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Thanks. That’s helpful, and appreciate it’s technically difficult, but they don’t necessarily need to be long. There are a lot of feminine hairstyles above shoulder length. I didn’t actually specify long hair in my original post.

It does make you wonder how many women are in the room when they decide to blanket rule out women’s hairstyles on the assumption female = long hair, and long hair is technically difficult. :thinking:

What is interesting to me on this topic, and that I never actually noticed before specifically looking this morning, is that of the 22 different hairstyles available, Zwift seems to consider 10 of them “men’s” and 12 of them “women’s”. Why do I say this? Well, at least as I see it on my Apple TV, the first 10 faces appear to be men. Starting with the 11th ‘do’, (middle option in the fourth row), the avatar face changes from a more masculine look to a more feminine look. Specifically, the lips change. Now, whether each individual feels that the subsequent 12 hairstyles are feminine, or whether the initial 10 are masculine, is debatable, but it would appear to me that Zwift thinks they are.

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Interesting. I just had a look on mine and couldn’t see the difference, but that was on a tiny screen with my bad eyesight.

Regardless of what they seem to decide constitutes a masculine/ feminine hairstyle I think the fact most females choose the same hairstyle says a lot.

I’m actually tempted to go for the mohawk just to be different. :haircut_woman:

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The mohawk is the best! I just wish they offered more colors, and that it was longer and spikier!

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