WMZ Waratah Masters Scratch Racing

Can someone explain the arrows to me please? I know what they mean, but it doesn’t seem applicable here in a masters race.

I am a masters by age and race in the w/kq requirements for D in a Masters category. So I followed all the rules. The max w/kg was 2.8.

I raced the course in 41:32 (as did the racers around me) and ZP literally added time and “bumped” us up to C. Doesn’t make sense to me when we didn’t even race for 53:31.

Here’s the actual result…where did the extra 12 minutes come from? lol

If it’s a staggered start event where everyone can see each other, the ZP timer starts from the point that the first riders set off.

No it wasn’t. Some riders were bumped up for no reason while others weren’t.

The rider listed as winning placed 8th.