Wish List

Here is my Zwift wishlist:

1- I wish I could control the panels that are displayed while zwifting. Some times I would just like to ride and enjoy the scenery without all the data being flashed at me. Oh yeah I love the data most of the time but would sometimes like to just shut it off.

2- I am an Apple TV guy and sometimes want to do a ride different from the ride calendar. I could use a hack to do then when I was using a PC and I miss that.

3- I wish Apple would allow more than 2 blue tooth connections. Getting going on this platform can be a little tricky sometimes. Do you know if that is fully a hardware issue that they can’t fix with the current model or is it a software thing they could resolve?

4- Wish I could express how much Zwift has changed my life! Thanks!

Couple wish list comments for Eric Min and coders.

  1. May not be enough of us master age riders yet, but it would be great to have a master age class besides A, B, C, etc. based on age, perhaps 60+, 70+… Many older folk are enjoying the health benefits of Zwifting daily and it would motive more of our older gang to join Z.

  2. How about a 1X mountain bike as a choice, and perhaps in the future an all dirt hill course? Several of my older friends who no longer ride in traffic have converted our dirt machines to 1X and I am quite happy riding Z events on my twenty year old mountain bike. Absolutely brilliant interactive product. Kudos Mr. Min.