Wired speed/cadence sensor

So I am a new person to zwift, so new in fact that I have not yet rode a mile or started my trial. Ive spectated, but that is my extent. 

I was thinking as i was purchasing an affordable zwift setup, why is there not a wired speed sensor that can just be plugged into a usb port on my pc?

Of course i understand all the benefits of the wireless bluetooth and ant + devices, but coming from an “outsider”, i dont know how much i will enjoy zwift, so having a lower entry cost would seem like a way to break the ‘try it out’ cost barrier.

Just a thought.



The wire going from the S/C receiver would be very close to some moving parts (wheel and pedals), I am guessing that is why. Another though is that most people ride their bikes on the open road and a having a wireless one is more versatile.

Also, Ant+ and BLE does not add any more cost to the devices compared to wired.

A Wahoo S/C cost $59 and a Ant+ starter kit is $39 (https://shop.zwift.com/products/zwift-ant-starter-pack). If you use BLE you can use your Zwift Mobile Link on a cell phone as a bridge.

There are also a lot of trainers that can estimate you cadence so you don’t necessarily need to buy one right away.