Windows update

I started my computer. Windows 10 flashed a popup that said it wanted to restart. I told it later. 30 minutes into the ride it popped up again and minimized zwift. Got off bike. rescheduled update for two hours later. Got back on bike. 30 minutes later windows rebooted. I was not in a good mood afterwards. This is the second time something like this has happened to me. Is there anything I can do?

I switched to Apple TV 4K for this very reason. It was driving me mad - not only windows update but every time my virus scanner updated it’s definitions and other apps. I wish windows didn’t allow apps to push pop-ups in front of other apps windows but it’s a quite different design to to phone / tablet style apps

I suggest thinking happier thoughts if you are in a bad mood. Disable windows update if that is bothering you, but it will still eventually update anyways.

If you’re talking about Zwift context switching away - it’s a constant headache and for me it doesn’t have an obvious cause such as updates or popups. That’s why I run Zwift in windowed mode, then use the BorderlessGaming app to force it back to full screen.

Never have an issue with this and I have been using Windows 10 on 2 PCs for 2 years running in full screen mode. Open Settings>Windows Updates and on the bottom select Restart options and make sure both are set to Off. Also make sure you change Active hours to what would work best for you.